Schizoid Rhomboid was a project I cooked up in the latter part of 1998, to produce stripped-down, pure analog techno: no samples, no drum machines. Besides a two-song demo which I don't seem to have a copy of anymore, the only existing work of Schizoid Rhomboid is the 1998 EP (cassette tape) "Pimp Music for the Future," which you can hear in its entirety (and see the artwork for) by following the link below. "Pimp Music" was not released per se, but the tape was sent out to myriad radio stations and record labels throughout the US and Europe.

Schizoid Rhomboid consisted solely of Frank Smith, doing analog drum programming and sound processing. What you hear is pure analog; no digital samples were used. A variety of old (1980s) analog drum modules (Simmons, etc.) provided the basic sounds. These were all programmed using a Roland 707 drum machine (gotta love those individual outs!), and processed through various effects, including a Korg analog filter box and a MAM vocoder. Any "bass line" that you hear is an artifact of the tunings of the various drum voices and the effects of the filters on the basic sounds.

  • Pimp Music for the Future