Potty Mouth was intended to be a regular segment on the Xee Nation cable access television show "Monday Adventure Club," conceived of in 1998. And while we never did produce Monday Adventure Club, we did tape two seasons' worth of Potty Mouth episodes! Potty Mouth takes you kids at home to the very bowels (heheh) of mysterious and wondrous toilets and bathrooms around the world (starting in Seasons One and Two with Asia) and shows you their scary inner-workings, so you'll never be caught with your pants down (heheheh) in your travels.

There are three ways for you to enjoy the video fun that is Potty Mouth, with links to all below. Note that the Potty Mouth Special Collector's Edition DVD, available for download below as an ISO file (disk image), contains special features and extras not available on the videos viewable via the other links. Also note that the YouTube version of Potty Mouth only lets you see an episode per month, starting in June, 2007.

Who knows, if public response is favorable, we may even start producing new episodes. Until then..."stay tuned for mOWEEEEeeee!"

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Season One: 1999-2000

  • Episode 1: Aranyaprathet, Thailand
  • Episode 2: To the River, Kampong Thom, Cambodia
  • Episode 3: Taking a Shower, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Episode 4: Champion Toilet, Kampong Cham, Cambodia

    Season Two: 2001-2002

  • Episode 5: High-Class Thai Bathroom, Bangkok
  • Episode 6: Aranyaprathet II
  • Episode 7: Bangkok Fancy (Hotel)
  • Episode 8: Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia
  • Episode 9: Flight of the Mosquito, Surin, Thailand
  • Episode 10: Moving Toilets, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Episode 11: "Sit and Smile," Surin, Thailand
  • Episode 12: Japan, Part I (Tokyo)
  • Episode 13: Japan, Part II (Tokyo)

    Download the Potty Mouth Special Collector's Edition DVD (ISO/Disk Image)

  • Potty Mouth Collector's Edition DVD Disk Image
    Watch Potty Mouth on YouTube (one new episode a month)

  • Potty Mouth on YouTube
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