Sappho's fist was a performance and recording duo which existed from 1995 to 1997. Personnel were:

  • Amy Kirk: words, voice
  • Frank Smith: sound collage, drum machine, synthesizer, bass, voice

    Sappho's Fist material was written and recorded in Somerville and Provincetown, MA, Tempe, AZ, and San Francisco, CA. Sappho's Fist performed three times, once at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA, once at the Purple Room, Somerville, MA, and once at Metropophobia in Phoenix, AZ.

    The group released two albums, of which you can hear varying amounts and view the cover art by following these links:

  • Archaeology and Airplanes
  • Disturbance Pulse

    You can also hear the Sappho's Fist single, "The Fall of Rome," by clicking below. This single, which was played on many industrial and noise radio shows around the world, features an audio collage (in its middle section) which pairs the Pope saying Mass in Latin with the audio from a gay porn video.

  • The Fall of Rome (Pope on a Rope Mix) - 6:50

    Finally, you can hear the Sappho's Fist piece "Invalid Request" performed live at the Middle East, Cambridge, MA, in 1995 via the link below. A much shorter version of "Invalid Request" appeared on the first Sappho's Fist album, "Archaeology and Airplanes". This live version has never been released:

  • Invalid Request Live - 16:59

    All Sappho's Fist recordings were released by Little Man Records, and issued on cassette tape.

    If you wish to download any of the songs above for use in the privacy of your own home, right-click on the link and choose "Save Link As" (Firefox) or "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer).

    In late 1996, Sappho's Fist was interviewed in the online zine Dead Angel. You can read that interview here:

  • Interview with Sappho's Fist