From 1998 until 2002, Marchette and Frank had the great fortune to share their Seattle abode, Katzhimmel, with a unique collection of some 30 Dolls. Being full-fledged Citizens of Xee, these Dollies often indulged in various forms of artistic expression and creation, under the direction of Mandy, Pluker and especially Nong, who joined the Katzhimmel Dolls after travelling to Seattle from her birthplace, the Bangkok Doll Museum in Thailand. Most often these works of art involved stationary dolly tableaux (see photo above); scenarios they arranged themselves in to be discovered and deciphered by the human residents of Katzhimmel.

On three auspicious occasions, however, in 2001 and 2002, the Dollies pooled their considerable talents to write, script, act in and produce three short films, which we present here for your edification.

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Bang Tookata

This was the original Dolly movie, produced in the summer of 2001. It owes a great debt to the Thai film Bang Rachan.

  • Bang Tookata


    This rendition of the timeless tale was influenced by both the film from the early 1900s of the same name directed by Murnau, and the more recent version done by Jan Svankmeyer.

  • Faust
    Isaan Historical Pop Song

    This is the Dollies' version of a song from a Thai TV musical series about the Isaan (Northeast Thai) villagers who found work in the late 1800s as naay hoy or water buffalo transporters, complete with a Dolly original music video, featuring Nong, Pluker and Triangle Man.

  • Dolly Thai Music Video
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