Greetings. I, whom you see hovering above, am Joan Katt. Though from time to time my minions become scattered to the corners of the "Earth," just as often they heed my call to paws (and that of F*** M****, whose name can only be uttered after I've ripped out your tongue and added an extra glottis or two) and reunite to further our purposes on this dreary but sometimes enchanting globe. Below, see described our mission. Then feel free to investigate the documents on these pages and, if you're so moved, join in our struggle. Send your communiques here. That is all. Oh yes, don't forget to breathe.


We, the Citizens of Xee, in order to form a more perfect union with the cosmos and ourselves have chosen art as the medium of exchange. Through our various forms and contents we seek to spread the concept of strength from within, of change through internal re-order.

We have experienced society from the edges where perspective has been granted. We have seen various elements both stable and unstable which resonate and reflect with the pieces inside of us which cause us to be classified among the living. These concepts, feelings, ideas, ways of life, facts, fictions, polemics, Acts of Contrition, Declarations of War, Treaties of Worms, etc. forever move us along the life paths we have chosen.

We act with the knowledge that each decision affects each of our possible futures and the futures of those around us. We remain responsible for our actions as ye should be for yours. Let everything we do be of consequence in some small way.

It is through art that we, the Citizens of Xee, hope to achieve decision making with the crystal clarity and insight of binary thought, while still nurturing our innate sense of justice and that which is good.

We feel that through art -- especially improvisatory art -- that the balance of the brain is set to spin on a strong central axis, like that of a wheel. The two hemispheres of the brain are active in different aspects of thought and creation, and we believe that by strengthening both sections equally, as well as the bridge between, we will come to a greater understanding of not only ourselves, but of the larger picture of which we are but a pixel.

It is through these humble offerings on this website that we hope you will join us in balancing yourself and the world around you, thus causing the Revolution to occur.

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